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Jessica Alba’s Nutritionist Spills Her Diet Secrets

Jessica Alba’s nutritionist has opened up about the star’s diet. Her nutritionist Kelly LeVeque just released her first book called Body Love.


Kelly’s healthy diet concept focuses on what she calls the Fab Four.

“The Fab Four are proteins, fats, fiber, and greens. Those four things together actually turn off all the hunger hormones in your body and elongate your blood sugar curve. Instead of counting calories, we’re looking for and counting up the things that our cells need to feel calm and relaxed.

“It’s amazing to me—I’ll put a client on the Fab Four smoothie and when you use that formula, you’re creating an environment that’s not a rollercoaster so you can make those healthier, cleaner decisions. Everyone thinks their will power is just waining as the day goes on, but no! You’ve just been riding a blood sugar rollercoaster all day long.”



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